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Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental)
English Name I'll sing!! MIRACLE
Album Utauyo!! MIRACLE
K-ON!! Official Band Yarouyo!! ~Let's MUSIC!! 2~
Performed By Ho-Kago Tea Time
Release August 4, 2010 (Utauyo!! MIRACLE)
September 15, 2010 (K-ON!! Official Band Yarouyo!! ~Let's MUSIC!! 2~)
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Kira Kira Days (Utauyo!! MIRACLE)
Next Kira Kira Days (Instrumental) (Utauyo!! MIRACLE)
Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental - Guitar 1) (K-ON!! Official Band Yarouyo!! ~Let's MUSIC!! 2~)

Utauyo!! MIRACLE (Instrumental) is the instrumental version of Ho-Kago Tea Time's song "Utauyo!! MIRACLE".

The song was written by Shouko Ohmori and composed and arranged by Tom-H@ck.

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