So maybe by the end of the month I'll be doing some stuff on the front page. I'd like to change the poll to keep things fresh, but it seems like such a waste to take down the favourite characters poll, since it feels like that poll should just stay there forever and ever. I'm thinking I can change the title of that poll to something like 'Legacy Poll' (and hopefully that won't reset the results or anything). And space permitting, I'll try to run a 'Monthly Poll' above it for more random, topical sorts of polls.

The first new poll I'm thinking of is what we had discussed last time, about the support characters. Which characters should be included? The certain ones are Nodoka, Ui, Jun, and Sawako, but maybe there's a couple more offbeat ones like Megumi that might deserve a spot.

I've also neglected the featured articles for way too long. I think it's because I've dwelled too long on which articles to feature or whatever, instead of just picking one and doing a writeup for it. Here's what I'm thinking: Featured Character: Ton-chan. Because why not. (Actually, I was going to feature whichever character was leading on the poll, but that's one crazy deadlock) Featured Song: Tsubasa wo Kudasai. It's a deeper cut, with all of them (except Azusa) on vocals. If anything, I'd like the featured song to focus more on the less known songs.

There's still the issue of featured band. My last suggestion is to swap it out for Featured Episode. I've got no better ideas at this point.

To sum up:

  • Keep the 5HTT Poll there forever as something archival?
  • Run a new poll alongside this legacy poll for bi/monthly things?
  • Which characters to put on the new poll?
  • Any other ideas for what to do with the featured articles?
  • Are we finally going to scrap the featured band?

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