Hello fellow K-ON! fans.

I know this might appear sudden, but after a lot happening recently, I am afraid to tell that I will be on hiatus editing the wiki, if not retiring completely. It's not as I don't like the series or the wiki anymore, both were and are always lots of fun. However, during the one year being busy here, my personal life changed, including me as well. Lots and lots of other things entered my life, and not all of them were, or more, are good things. I don't want to dig in here much deeper, it's a personal topic after all. Anyway, given the situation at hand, I don't have much time to be the kind of workaholic I used to be here, and, honestly spoken, I don't want to be either. Especially most recently, I more or less had the feeling that I kept working here as an end in itself. It just isn't the same as it was before, maybe I am going too serious at the topic, but the wiki really means something to me and that's the reason I don't just want to keep the account shut without saying a word.

All in all, I really enjoyed my time here a lot and I can say that I seriously contributed to the wiki with all that I had (it actually makes me a bit proud, over 9000 edits :D). I will never regret the day where I decided to get involved here, and I will always remember my stay here with pleasure! :)

So until we meet again, take care of the wiki and yourselves like you did before! :)

Farewell guys! ;)