Picture yourself in a crowded train. Well, crowded enough that you'd have to stand, yet roomy enough that you can pull out your smart-phone in good conscience. Thus began your daily dosage of K-On!. Suddenly you felt someone is peeking at your screen and as you tilted your head up, your eyes locked briefly; then the love of your life turned away.
"Oh, my... why didn't I notice her before?" you scolded yourself. She is the one that you believe to be your lost half and you've never been this close before - this is the chance that you've been waiting for. And what was that you saw in her gaze? Was it disgust? disappointment? Enough with needless worry, whatever it was. Regardless, there is one urge swelling within you: You want to share about K-On! with her. If K-On! left negative impression, failure to defend yourself impromptu would leave permanent damage. Even if you misinterpret her gaze, talking about K-On! may be a good way to break the ice.

  • Give one line review that K-On! is cool.
  • Or forget about review, in this day and age video is the king. You scrambled through your head, trying to find a short clip that can instantly hook a complete stranger to K-On!.

What's yours? ps: feel free to replace her with him.

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