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Usagi to Kame
K-On Original Soundtrack Vol.1
English Name The Tortoise and the Hare
Album K-ON!! Original Soundtrack Vol. 1
Performed By Yui Hirasawa
Singer Yui Hirasawa (Aki Toyosaki)
Release July 21, 2010
Genre Folk song, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Amefuri

Usagi to Kame (うさぎとかめ) or The Tortoise and the Hare is an "Insert Song" performed by Yui Hirasawa as a little kid, produced by Pony Canyon and published on the 21th of July 2010 within the first Original Soundtrack album of the second season of the anime.

The song was sung by Yui's voice actress Aki Toyosaki, written by Kazusaburo Ishihara and composed by Benjiro Nosho.


As an insert song, "Usagi to Kame" has made one or more appearances during the K-ON! anime:

  • In season 2, episode 8 during the flashback of Yui's days in kindergarten.


Usagi to Kame

Japanese Lyrics

もしもし かめよ かめさんよ
せかいのうちに おまえほど
あゆみの のろい ものはない
どうして そんなに のろいのか

なんと おっしゃる うさぎさん
そんなら おまえと かけくらべ
むこうの 小山(こやま)の ふもとまで
どちらが さきに かけつくか

どんなに かめが いそいでも
どうせ ばんまで かかるだろう
ここらで ちょっと ひとねむり
グーグーグーグー グーグーグー

これは ねすぎた しくじった
あんまり おそい うさぎさん
さっきの じまんは どうしたの


moshi moshi kame yo kame-san yo
sekai no uchi ni omae hodo
ayumi no noroi mono wa nai
doushite sonna ni noroi no ka

nanto ossharu usagi-san
sonnara omae to kakekurabe
mukou no koyama no fumoto made
dochira ga saki ni kaketsuku ka

donna ni kame ga isoide mo
douse ban made kakaru darou
kokora de chitto hito nemuri

kore wa nesugita shikujitta
anmari osoi usagi-san
sakki no jiman wa doushita no

English Translation

Hello there, Tortoise, Mr. Tortoise
There isn't anyone in the world
Who walks as slowly as you do
Why is it that you're so slow?

Mr. Hare says that
He'll have a race with you
To the base of the far away hill
Where did he run ahead to?

No matter how fast the turtle goes
I won't see him until evening at best
I'll take a little nap here
Snore, snore, snore, snore

He messed up and slept too much
Hop, hop, hop, hop
Hop, hop, hop
Mr. Hare is too late
What happened to his pride from before?

Trivia Edit

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