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  • Her keyboard is a 76-Key version of the Korg Triton Extreme, which is now discontinued. It is a very heavy instrument, as noted below.
  • Her surname is taken from former P-Model keyboardist Hikaru Kotobuki. Mugi's last name also has the same sound as her voice actor Minako Kotobuki, but different characters.
  • Tsumugi's name means "cotton or silk string/cloth".
  • Although Mugi does not like to flaunt the fact that her family is wealthy, it becomes rather obvious at certain points, and always to the shock of her friends. Her butler answers the phone when Ritsu calls her at home once and informs her that Mugi is on an overseas trip in Finland. Mugi's father owns the music shop that she and her friends frequently visit, so the workers there are always very courteous to her, and greet her using her proper title of "Lady Tsumugi". As a result, they offer her and her friends large discounts or free service. However, upon entering university, Mugi decided that she wouldn't depend on her wealth anymore and told her parents that the only thing she needed them to pay for would be her tuition.[1]
  • At one point, Akira bluntly points out that the girls of HTT might be friends with Mugi because they're after her money, making Mugi cry. Yui and Mio later reassure her that they're friends regardless of money, and then immediately afterwards show excitement over some sweets she brought for them. Mio remarks that they're not after her money, but her sweets.[2]
  • Mugi sometimes has to use the sweets and beverages she brings to manipulate the others (especially Yui) into doing club activities they would normally be lazy to do.
  • Mugi treasures her friends greatly: Upon seeing Yui, Mio and Ritsu again after not meeting for several days, Mugi cries that she hasn't seen them in precisely "57 1/2 hours".[3]
  • Mugi is apparently a very strong girl, as in the anime she is seen carrying loads of heavy equipment without breaking a sweat, including her Triton Extreme, which weighs 37.26kg. She also knocked Akira head over heels in the manga from a "light strike".[4]
  • Mugi can speak in Kansai dialect perfectly. This may be decided after Minako Kotobuki was chosen to voice her, since she too can speak Kansai dialect.[5][6]
  • Yui states that Mugi's eyebrows resemble pickled radishes due to their thickness. She furthermore emphasizes it in the K-ON! specials and dream sequences. In these spin-offs, Mugi's eyebrows serve as an anchor that prevent her from dissolving. When Yui and Ritsu ate her eye brows (assumed to be radishes) in one occasion, she started to melt.
  • She seems to like yuri, since in Volume 1 of the manga, she had fantasies of both Yui/Mio and Ritsu/Mio. Additionally, Mugi initially showed signs of affection for Sawako-sensei, much to the surprise of Mio and Ritsu, indicated by her staring at Sawako through makeshift binoculars consisting of two rolled-up magazines.
  • In chapter 6 volume 16, it is revealed that Tsumugi was home-schooled when she was young (as this maybe the reason why she is curious about the outside world). She has a childhood friend named Sumire Saito. Her interest in "yuri" came from when Sumire would buy manga for her, which Mugi was not allowed to see.
  • In chapter 19, it is revealed that Tsumugi could be really scary when she is angry. This can be seen by the way she scolded a servant when he interupted Tsumugi when she was talking with Mio on the phone.
  • In the first episode of the anime, Mugi is making a big deal out of mixing her fries with those of the other two girls. In Japanese culture, sharing your food with the group is a sign that you accept the group as your own, so Mugi was both being formal and very sweet in one go.

  • "Yo, dis Kinkakuji hea... dis bitch was all burned out an' shit way back in 1950. Da one dey gots hea is some new shit dey rebuilt afta. An' the trut' is, dey be callin' it Rokuonji, yo."
  • "And I'm doing the script. But now that Rit-chan and Mio-chan are playing the lead roles, I think the script is going to need some major rewrites..."'
  • "She's right... and if you do happen to fail for whatever reason, I'll take care of it! [...] ...Just kidding!"
  • "Yui-chan... 150°. Mio-chan... 140°. Rit-chan... 180°."
  • "Sigh. I guess everyone must have romances like these... and some are even between two girls!"
  • "Um, sensei... can we leave the tea set here? My little sister's joining next year, and she'll end up using it for herself. I have so many great memories from the light music club. I hope that she can experience the same things for herself. Oh, but she's the passive type, so I'll need to come up with an excuse to push her into the club. Don't let her go, Sawako-sensei!!"
  • "I was remembering when I joined the light music club in high school. I was so, so excited at the time, but I'm just as excited about the future at this very moment! I mean, now I get to live with all of you! I just can't wait!"
  • "I've always relied on my parents throughout my life, so I figured it might be time to do things on my own now."
  • "It's been... fifty-seven and a half hours!"
  • "Oh, that's so great... She's living a fulfilling youth..."
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