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For the instrumental version of this song, see Ohayou, Mata Ashita (Instrumental).
Ohayou, Mata Ashita
Singing! Song Cover
English Name Good Morning, See you Tomorrow
Album Singing!
Performed By Ho-kago Tea Time
Singer Yui Hirasawa (Aki Toyosaki)
Mio Akiyama (Yōko Hikasa)
Ritsu Tainaka (Satomi Satō)
Tsumugi Kotobuki (Minako Kotobuki)
Azusa Nakano (Ayana Taketatsu)
Release December 7, 2011
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Singing!
Next Singing! (Instrumental)

Ohayou, Mata Ashita (おはよう また あした) or Good Morning, See you Tomorrow is a single by Ho-kago Tea Time, produced by Pony Canyon and published on 7 December 2011 within the album Singing!

The song was sung by the voice actresses of all five of the band's members: Aki Toyosaki (Yui Hirasawa), Yōko Hikasa (Mio Akiyama), Satomi Satō (Ritsu Tainaka), Minako Kotobuki (Tsumugi Kotobuki), and Ayana Taketatsu (Azusa Nakano). It was written by Shouko Ohmori and composed and arranged by Hajime Hyakkoku.


Aside from the original, Ohayou, Mata Ashita has the following different version:

Instrumental Edit

Singing! Song Cover This is version is identical to the original with the exception of the removed vocals. It was released on the same album as the original version.


Ohayou, Mata Ashita

Japanese Lyrics

朝は「おはよう」 放課後は「またあした」

上履き脱いだ足 地球を何周できる?

We don't know! でもね、きっと これからはこれまでと同じ
泣いたり 笑ったり いつだって
新しい歌 奏でていたり

すべて今で 愛おしい宝物で

教え合える 互いに
小さな記憶 瞬間の願いさえ

We do know! 信じてるよ これまでもこれからの勇気も

We don't know! もっともっとね これからね 私達の道
泣いたり 笑ったり いつだって
新しい歌 奏でていたり

ずっと云うよ 「おはよう」「またあした」


oudan hodou no mukou to kocchi gawa
ikudomo te wo furiatta ne
asa wa "Ohayou" houkago wa "Mata ashita"
tooku de chikaku de naru CHAIMU

hibi wa dokomade tsuzuku?
uwabaki nuida ashi chikyuu wo nanshuu dekiru?

We don't know! demo ne, kitto korekara wa kore made to onaji
hajimete no renzoku
naitari warattari itsudatte
atarashii uta kanadeteitari

omoide to akogare no haruka mirai
tabidatte mo wakatsu mon wa nai no
subete ima de itooshii takaramono de
kobosazu oboeterarenakute mo

oshieaeru tagai ni
chiisana kioku shunkan no negai sae

We do know! shinjiteru yo kore made mo korekara no yuuki mo
tokimeki oikakete
jinsei ni okurareta GIFUTO no RIBON
kawarazu isshoni hodoitekou

We don't know! motto motto ne korekara ne watashitachi no michi
hajimete no renzoku
naitari warattari itsudatte
atarashii uta kanadeteitari

zutto iu yo "Ohayou" "Mata ashita"

English Translation

So many times we've waved to each other
From opposite sides of the crosswalk
"Good morning" in the morning, "See you tomorrow" after school
Near, far, the chime echoes

How far can we go on, day after day?
How many times can we go around the earth with our indoor shoes off, bare foot?

We don't know! but you know, I'm sure from here on out is the same as it's been up till now
The first iteration
Crying, laughing, always
Playing new songs

Memories and the distant future we long for
Even if we leave, there's no school gate to separate us
Everything right now, our precious treasures
Even if we cannot remember them without them spilling out

Together we can learn
A tiny memory, even the wish of a moment

We do know! We believe in our courage up till now and from here on out
Chasing after excitement
Is the ribbon on the gift of life
Let's unwrap it together, without changing

We don't know! More and more, from here on out, its our road
The first iteration
Crying, laughing, always
Playing new songs

We'll always say "Good morning" "see you tomorrow"

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