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Occult Club Members
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 8: School Festival!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Gender Female
Hair Black / Grey
Eyes Blue / Purple

The Occult Club Members are two unnamed girls who are members of their school's Occult Club. They both appeared first in the Season 1 episode School Festival! when they formed their new club, then in Season 2 episode Marathon Tournament! where they talked about UFO sightings, leading Ritsu Tainaka to the assumption that Yui Hirasawa, who was lost at the moment, could have been abducted by aliens.

They later appeared again during the High School Festival, where they allowed Tsumugi Kotobuki and Shizuka Kinoshita to borrow their club's "Rosetta Stone" replica as a replacement for the class' lost tombstone. The Light Music Club thanked them later by sharing snacks with them.


They have both shoulder-length hair (one member has black hair and the other a greyish tone) and usually wear long, black cloaks over their school uniform. Both of them wear glasses.


They both appear to be calm and mysterious and have many interests in bizarre phenomena. They have, however, a helpful side and can also show gratitude by smiling. The movie shows that they have a sense of humour, seen when they asked Yui to take a picture of "Nessie" as a souvenir from England and could barely restrain laughter.


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