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New Club Member!
New Club Member!
Shinnyuu Buin!
Season 1
Episode 9
Air date May 21, 2009

K-ON! episode #9


Azusa Nakano joins the Light Music Club but the group slacks off too much for her, so the joining is at risk.


Azusa new in the club
Azusa's first time in the club
NorleonAdded by Norleon

Azusa Nakano joins the Light Music Club and is gladly welcomed. Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka and Tsumugi Kotobuki are that happy about her joining that they hassle her with many questions at once, forcing Mio Akiyama to stop them.

Azusas talent
The club being overwhelmed by Azusa's talent
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After her official introduction, she gladly asks Yui to look after her as her senior, calling her "Yui-senpai", much to Yui's enjoyment. When the group asks Azusa to show her skills in playing guitar, it is revealed that she is on a complete different level as Yui. Not willing to destroy her image of the more talented senior, Yui tries to react calm, in contrast to the open admiration of the other three members. As Azusa asks Yui to play for her, she avoids it by lamenting about a hurting back, leading Ritsu to throw her out of the way, bugged by her behaviour. Azusa gives the official club application to Ritsu, which Ritsu accepted. As Azusa leaves the room, Mio and Ritsu scold Yui for being inferior at the guitar.

Azusa snaps
Azusa snaps
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The next day, Azusa enters the room while looking forward to play music with the others. She is surprised and not a bit pleased by the idea of drinking tea instead of practicing. As the teacher Sawako Yamanaka shows up, Azusa feels to be caught red-handed and tries to apologise to her. Sawako however naturally approves the tea break, strengthening Azusa's confusion. As no member shows any intentions to play music, Azusa misunderstands it as a test of her self-initiative. She tries to play her guitar, but Sawako brutally silences her because she wanted to drink her tea in peace. The club scolds Sawako and apologises to Azusa, but she snaps and berates the club furiously until Yui calms her down by petting her. Mio tells the others to take Azusa's complaints serious and start practicing the next time.

Sawako accepts death
Sawako's blessedness
NorleonAdded by Norleon

As Azusa enters the room again the next time, she catches Yui, Mugi and Ritsu doing nothing again, much to their nervousness. Yui is too tired to play her guitar, until Mugi feeds her with cake. Yui forces Azusa to eat some too and they discover that Azusa actually loves eating sweets as much as the rest does. Meanwhile, Sawako thinks about not being able to eat some too today and is both angry and happy after learning that the club did not get rid of their teaset.

Azu-nyan debut
Azusa gets her nickname
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After Azusa told them a bit more about herself, Sawako gives her cat ears as a present. At first, she struggles against wearing them, but the club finally convinces her. The ears suit her fantastically and she earns her new nickname, "Azu-nyan".

Party for azusa
Azusa's welcoming party
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The longer Azusa stays in the club, the longer she becomes their pet. Mio notices it and brings the topic up in front of the other original members, with the possible outcome of Azusa leaving the club again. Ritsu decides to throw a party for Azusa, but eventually, everybody starts to pet her again. Finally being tired of it, Mio scolds the entire club in front of Azusa.

Yui defeated
Yui begs Azusa for help
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The next day, the club decides to finally start being serious. After Yui can't hold her image anymore, she accepts defeat and begs Azusa to teach her how to play guitar. After a short practice, the good will does not hold on anymore. Azusa decides that she is not fitted to stay in the club.

Azusa searching for other bands
Azusa in search of other bands to join
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The next weeks, she searches for other bands to join, but no band has what she is searching for, no matter how talented they are. The more time passes, the more she gets desperate about not knowing why she was so happy when she joined the club.

The LMC's secret
Friendship is the secret behind the club's music
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After a while, she visits the club again, asking them under tears the secret behind their music, in fact, why the music sounds so good when they are playing together, despite them being lazy and not much talented. Ritsu proposes playing for Azusa to show her the secret. Mio explains it to her in detail. No impressive skills or high ambitions are needed to have fun in their band, the fact that all are such good friends is the important thing. Azusa, amazed by that explanation, joins the club permanently.

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