Musunde Hiraite (#5 'Orusuban!' Mix)
K-ON!! Official Band Yarouyo!! ~Let's MUSIC!! 3~ album cover
English Name Close Hands, Open Hands (#5 'Staying Behind!' Mix)
Album K-ON!! Official Band Yarouyo!! ~Let's MUSIC!! 3~
Performed By Azusa Nakano, Ui Hirasawa + Jun Suzuki
Release December 22, 2010
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (#24 'Sotsugyōshiki!' Mix)
Next Fuwa Fuwa Time (Azusa, Ui, Jun Ver.) (Bangai-hen 'Hōmon!' Mix)

Musunde Hiraite (#5 'Orusuban!' Mix) (むすんでひらいて(#5『お留守番!』Mix)((#5『おるすばん!』Mix))) or Close Hands, Open Hands (#5 'Staying Behind!' Mix) is an instrumental song of Azusa Nakano, Ui Hirasawa and Jun Suzuki, produced by Pony Canyon and published on the 22th of December 2010 within the album K-ON!! Official Band Yarouyo!! ~Let's MUSIC!! 3~.


As an insert song, "Musunde Hiraite (#5 'Orusuban!' Mix)" has made one or more appearances during the K-ON! anime:

  • In season 2, episode 5 during Azusa's, Ui's and Jun's performance at school.

Trivia Edit

  • "Musunde Hiraite" is an old nursery rhyme from France, composed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In Japan, it became first known as a hymn which, among others, was used in military. After World War II, the melody became famous as a children's song.

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