Masayo Fukuda
Masayo Fukuda
First Appearance
Manga Debut College, Chapter 5
Other Appearances
Gender Female
Hair Blonde

Masayo Fukuda (福田(ふくだ) 正代(まさよ)) was a schoolmate of Akira Wada, Sachi Hayashi and Ayame Yoshida from the same age group. Her graduation photo was placed next to Sachi's and above Ayame's in the graduation yearbook.


Masayo has blonde hair that is tied to two pigtails which fall down behind her shoulders. While attending high school, she was seen wearing her school's uniform with a striped tie.


  • The kanji for "Masayo" (正代) respectively mean "correct" and "substitute". The kanji for "Fukuda" (福田) respectively mean "good fortune" and "rice field".

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