First Appearance
Manga Debut College, Chapter 5
Other Appearances
Also Known As Maeda-senpai
Gender Male

Maeda (前田(まえだ)) is an employee of a small record company and was previously a fellow member of the Light Music Club Akira Wada, Sachi Hayashi and Ayame Yoshida attended during their school careers.


Maeda is a cursorily person who only cares about the look of a woman and does not hesitate to brush somebody's feelings aside with an uninvolved look. He prefers women with long hair.[1] He is also very opportunistic in front of other people. Ayame described him as a stubborn person.[2] He appears to be a skilled musician since Akira looked up on him as an upperclassman in their school's Light Music Club.


Maeda is an average looking man with medium-length hair. While still attending his high school, he wore his school's uniform with a striped tie. While working for his company, he wears a tidy suit with a dotted tie.



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