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Little Yui-chan
Chibi yui
Uraon! ~Chibi Yui-chan~
Season 1
Episode Special
Air date October 21, 2009

Inner Music! ~Little Yui-chan~ (うらおん!〜ちびゆいちゃん〜), also known as Little Yui-chan (ちびゆいちゃん), is an Ura-On! episode published within the fourth K-ON! Anime Volume.


Ui Hirasawa recalls her old memories with Yui Hirasawa when they were little kids and compares them with the present time.


Number 1: Christma...♥

(その1 クリスマ・・・♥ Sono 1: Kurisuma…♥)

Yui kissed Ui on christmas eve

Ui Hirasawa narrates that when Yui Hirasawa was a little kid, she pronounced "Christmas" as "Christma-chuu" ("chuu" is the onomatopoeia for a kiss) and usually kissed Ui on christmas eve. Now, she grew up and knows it better, but it stays as a shameful memory for Ui.

Number 2: Tights

(その2 タイツ Sono 2: Taitsu)
Yui unable to wear socks

Yui could not wear socks

Ui Hirasawa narrates that when when Yui Hirasawa was still little, she could not put on socks properly. Now, she can even wear tights properly, making Ui proud. Yui however is confused by her.

Number 3: Lost

(その3 まいご Sono 3: Maigo)
Yui saves ui from getting lost

Yui saved Ui from getting lost

Ui Hirasawa narrates about the time when she got lost during a New Year's visit at a shrine once. Ui was crying, but her sister Yui Hirasawa showed up to save her. Now however, Yui is the one who gets usually lost and who needs Ui's help.

Facts about Little Yui-chanRDF feed
Air date21 October 2009 +
Japanese nameうらおん!〜ちびゆいちゃん〜 +
Romaji nameUraon! ~Chibi Yui-chan~ +
Season1 +

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