Kazuko Miura
Kazuko Miura
First Appearance
Anime Debut Season 1 Episode 6: School Festival!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Japanese Mai Goto
Class 1-3
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown

Kazuko Miura (三浦(みうら) 一子(かずこ)) is one of the students from Class 3-2 during the second season of the anime.


Kazuko has been Yui Hirasawa's classmate in at least their first and last year of high school.


Kazuko has remarkable long brown hair which is tied up to a thick ponytail, falling down to her hips and over her shoulders. A single strand also falls down her forehead. Her eyes are brown too. Over them, she wears round, rimless spectacles. As a Sakuragaoka High School student, she is usually seen wearing the school's uniform properly with black socks.

Gallery Edit


  • During the first broadcast in the Japanese television, Kazuko wasn't show during the official class photo. However, she was later added in the Blu-Ray version.[1]


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