A guide on how to Categorize pages and what pages should have what categories.

The Music Categories Hierarchy:

  • Music
    • Songs
      • Tsumugi Kotobuki Songs
      • Yui Hirasawa Songs
      • Mio Akiyama Songs
      • Ritsu Tainaka Songs
      • Azusa Nakano Songs
    • Instrumental Songs
      • (Example) Fuwa Fuwa Time (Instrumental)
    • Singles
    • B-sides
    • Album
    • Theme Songs
    • Insert Songs
    • Ho-kago Tea Time Songs - All songs with vocals that are by the five members get this
    • Light Music Club Songs - All songs with vocals that are by the original four members get this
    • Death Devil Songs
    • Image Songs
      • Character Image Song Series Volumes
      • K-ON!! Character Image Songs

The Characters Category Hierarchy:

  • K-ON!
    • Characters
      • Class 3-2 Students
      • Ho-kago Tea Time Members
      • Death Devil Members
    • Class 3-2
      • Class 3-2 Students
      • Class 3-2/Images

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