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Ho-kago Tea Time
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Yui Hirasawa

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Mio Akiyama

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Ritsu Tainaka

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Tsumugi Kotobuki

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Featured Character: Gita & Yui

Yui+gita crop

Gita is the name of the electric guitar owned by Yui Hirasawa, whose birthday is on the 27th of November! Gita is Gibson's pre-2008 Les Paul Standard, in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. After 2008, all of the 'Standard' models from before 2008 were re-branded as 'Traditional'. That is why a modern viewer might notice that Gita is a Traditional model, yet has 'Standard' on its headstock.

As the lead guitarist, Yui and Gita fill one of the most glamorous roles in the band. Whenever you hear a sweet riff or a killer solo in a Ho-kago Tea Time song, you can just bet that Yui's the one playing it. But what does a lead guitarist do when they're not playing riffs? Well, Yui also provides support to the songs by strumming chords on her guitar. In contrast to Azusa, whose rhythm guitar technique uses precise and higher notes, Yui just strums away with her beefy powerchords. Did you know that Yui uses different settings between the manga and anime? In the manga, she sets Gita's pickups to 'treble' which generally suits lead guitar. However, in the anime, she sets the pickups to middle, which uses both pickups and really accentuates her powerchords.

Featured Song: Gīta ni Kubittake

K-ON! CISS Volume 1 Yui

Gīta ni Kubittake (Head over Heels for Gīta in English) is a character song performed by Yui Hirasawa. If you listen to or read the lyrics without any context, the lyrics are really quite seductive. Love at first sight? Taking a new lover to bed? However, it's probably no surprise that this isn't Yui's new, mysterious boyfriend; it's just her electric guitar! (And yes, Yui has in fact taken her guitar to bed.)

In the song itself, the electric guitar really shines on the harmonies. On the one hand, we get the constant rhythm supplied by the chords. On the other hand, you can almost feel the other electric guitar 'sing', especially in the first verse and the chorus, where it screams and wails behind Yui's vocals - almost as if they were performing a duet. Not to mention the totally sick guitar solo! What better way to show your love for your guitar than with a guitar solo. Do you have a favourite guitar solo? We'll be voting in the polls below for a community favourite over the coming weeks!

The lyrics are right here...
Would you like to hear the track? Click here...

Featured Episode: K-ON! Movie

K-ON Movie DVD cover

The seniors of the Light Music Club are about to graduate, and they have a couple of burning questions on their minds. Firstly, how do they want to spend their last days as high school students? This one's easy - by going to London, taking in the sights, and even playing a couple of shows while there. However, a more private question that the seniors are asking themselves is all to do with their junior member, Azusa. What can the four of them do for her as their parting gift? What do they want to leave behind for her? You'll soon find out that there really is only one logical answer to this question - something that only the Light Music Club can do...

Sound interesting?

Poll: Favorite HTT Member
Who is your favorite out of the five band members of Ho-kago Tea Time?

The poll was created at 09:52 on February 7, 2015, and so far 1517 people voted.
Seasonal Poll: Guitar Solos!
Yui's Round: Which of the following guitar solos is your favourite? (Links to each solo below!)

The poll was created at 13:16 on November 27, 2015, and so far 13 people voted.

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  • A very happy birthday to Yui Hirasawa, the ditzy and lazy, yet strangely talented lead guitarist of Ho-kago Tea Time, born November 27th 1991! How would Yui spend her birthday? Most likely with tea and cake with her friends, before going on a date with Gita (or maybe just a practice session!)
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