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Ho-kago Tea Time
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Yui Hirasawa

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Featured Character: Muttan & Azusa

Azusa-Muttan crop

Muttan is the name of an electric guitar owned by Azusa Nakano, whose birthday is on the 11th of November! Muttan was named after its model, the 69 Reissue Mustang, produced by Fender Japan. Both the body and headstock are in Candy Apple Red, and these matching colours are unique to the model made by Fender Japan. Although this model comes standard with a tremolo bar, Azusa's does not have one installed.

As the rhythm guitarist, Azusa and Muttan fill a unique role in Ho-kago Tea Time. Rhythm guitarists tend to provide rhythm and harmony through techniques like chords and arpeggios. Although Yui often performs a similar role, what separates Yui from Azusa is that Yui tends to use powerchords, wheras Azusa's harmonies often come from the higher end of the electric guitar's register and are more sharp and precise than Yui's sweeping chords. If that sounds a bit difficult to understand, have a listen to Fuwa Fuwa Time - the first guitar you hear is Yui's, but the second is Azusa's. However, even as the rhythm guitarist, Azusa still plays some wicked riffs like on Tokimeki Sugar, though Yui tends to get most of the big solos.

Featured Song: Over The Starlight

K-ON!! Character Image Songs Azusa

Over The Starlight is a character song performed by Azusa Nakano. The entre song just screams Azusa, from its nifty little opening riff, to its two absolutely decadent guitar solos, and all the way to the climax in the outro with a screeching rhythm guitar part. Do you have a favourite guitar solo? We'll be voting for a community favourite over the coming months!

Where Azusa really shines in the song is in the lyrics of the song itself where she sings about her guitar, her time in the club, and the friends she's made in the band. You get the sense that as much as Azusa loved playing music and having tea with her seniors, she's ready to move on and that she can go anywhere Over The Starlight.

The lyrics are right here...
Would you like to hear the track? Click here...

Featured Episode: K-ON! Movie

K-ON Movie DVD cover

The seniors of the Light Music Club are about to graduate, and they have a couple of burning questions on their minds. Firstly, how do they want to spend their last days as high school students? This one's easy - by going to London, taking in the sights, and even playing a couple of shows while there. However, a more private question that the seniors are asking themselves is all to do with their junior member, Azusa. What can the four of them do for her as their parting gift? What do they want to leave behind for her? You'll soon find out that there really is only one logical answer to this question - something that only the Light Music Club can do...

Sound interesting?

Poll: Favorite HTT Member
Who is your favorite out of the five band members of Ho-kago Tea Time?

The poll was created at 09:52 on February 7, 2015, and so far 1491 people voted.
Seasonal Poll: Guitar Solos!
Azusa's Round: Which of the following guitar solos is your favourite? (Links to each solo below!)

The poll was created at 11:57 on November 10, 2015, and so far 30 people voted.

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  • A very happy birthday to Azusa Nakano the exceptionally talented, incredibly hard-working junior member of the Light Music Club, born November 11th 1992! Even if on any other day she'd tell everyone to get up and practise, you can bet that, at least on her birthday, Azusa wouldn't be able to resist some tea and cake!
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