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Ho-kago Tea Time
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Featured Character: Ritsu Tainaka

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Ritsu Tainaka (田井中 律), often called Ricchan, is the tomboyish and energetic president of the Sakuragaoka High School Light Music Club, though her lax attitude and forgetfulness make her not a particularly good president. Born on the 21st of August, 1991, Ritsu was born the eldest of two children.

Ritsu started learning drums when she started middle school, after convincing her childhood friend Mio Akiyama to take up bass guitar. One of Ritsu's best qualities is her uncanny ability to read others' emotions. Although she can catch someone's worry or embarrassment easily, sometimes she can't quickly pick up on her friends feeling down. Did you know that at one point, all of her friends were convinced she had a boyfriend?

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Featured Song: Fuyu no Hi


Fuyu no Hi, or Winter Days is a song performed by Ho-kago Tea Time, on their self-recorded album. Its light, catchy beat is lifted by Yui's vocals, though the real highlight of the song are the lyrics that Yui sings. Click the link below and see if you can guess who the song is about! If you need a hint, you might want to watch the episode of the anime where Mio writes the song...

The lyrics are right here...
Would you like to hear the track? Click here...

Featured Episode: Drummer!

Ritsu crying

Something's wrong at the Light Music Club - Ritsu no longer wants to be the Drummer! After looking through the club's old photos and videos, she realises that she never gets any of the spotlight or attention. The club try out a few things to make sure that Ritsu gets the spotlight she deserves. They swap instruments, they try placing Ritsu on different parts of the stage, and they try add more eye contact with her during their performances. But nothing seems to work... And no one else really can be the drummer... So how will Ritsu rediscover what she truly loves about drumming?

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Poll: Favorite HTT Member
Who is your favorite out of the five band members of Ho-kago Tea Time?

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Seasonal Poll: Favourite Keyboard Solo?

Final Round: Which song out of the following has your favourite keyboard solo? (Links below to listen to each solo!)

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  • A very happy birthday to the president and saviour of the Light Music Club, the one and only Ritsu Tainaka, born August 21st 1991! Also check out this sweet figure of Ritsu, as part of the 5th Anniversary series, now available for preorder! Details here
  • Happy birthday to Ho-kago Tea Time's loving and gentle keyboardist Mugi, the oldest out of her friends, born July 2nd, 1991. In other news, a Mugi figure, created to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the K-ON anime, is now available to preorder! Details here
  • As the only member of the main cast without a known birthday, the month of June is being dedicated to the enthusiastic-yet-spacey Jun Suzuki, born, like the rest of her classmates, between April 1, 1992 and March 31, 1993. Longtime friend of Ui Hirasawa, Jun is also the bassist for Wakaba Girls and a former member of the Jazz Club.
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