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Ho-kago Tea Time
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Yui Hirasawa

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Mio Akiyama

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Featured Character: Ton


Ton (トン(とん)), more commonly known as Ton-chan, is the last unofficial member of the Light Music Club. Originally a present for Azusa so that she would have a kōhai, a junior, to take of, Ton-chan's club activities have generally including swimming around, being fed, and deciding where the Light Music Club would go for their graduation trip. Don't confuse Ton-chan for any regular freshwater turtle - he's a soft-shelled pig-nosed turtle, named for its characteristic pig-like nose, though another point of interest is that this species has flippers resembling those of marine turtles.

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Featured Song: Tsubasa wo Kudasai

Fuwa Fuwa Time

Tsubasa wo Kudasai (翼(つばさ)をください) or Give me Wings is a cover by the Light Music Club of the popular folk song, originally written by Michio Yamagami and composed by Kinihiko Murai. It's a song about wanting to leave behind your troubles to just chase your dreams, so it was a very appropriate choice of song for Mio, Ritsu, and Mugi to play for Yui to convince her to join the club and save it from being disbanded.

Are you after the lyrics in Japanese, Romaji, and English?
Maybe you want to hear the instrumental or rock version, in which all four sing?
Or if you're really keen, you could try to learn to play the song?

Featured Episode: New Club Member!

New Club Member!

A lot is going to change when the Light Music Club get their New Club Member, Azusa Nakano. Will her new band be able to accommodate for her professional guitar skills? Will she be able to get them to put down their tea and cake for long enough to actually practice? How will she handle the club advisor's costumes, or her new nickname Azu-nyan? And at the end of the day, when she's absolutely had enough, what convinces her to stay? Also notice that the show's opening manages to find a spot for the new member and her guitar lines.

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  • Happy birthday to the mature, responsible, and ever-dependable Ui Hirasawa, born February 22, 1993! Rhythm guitarist for Wakaba Girls and Yui Hirasawa's younger sister, Ui is also able to master nearly anything very quickly, although she herself does not tend to believe she is as skilled as she is.
  • Happy birthday to Ho-kago Tea Time's shy-but-confident fan-favorite bassist Mio Akiyama, born January 15, 1992! While outwardly very mature, Mio may be the most girly member of the band internally, much to the amusement (and sometimes annoyance) of her best friend and HTT's drummer, Ritsu Tainaka. Since starting college Mio usually wears her hair in a ponytail.
  • Happy birthday to the efficient and level-headed student council president Nodoka Manabe, born December 26, 1991! Yui's best friend since kindergarten, she's also effectively her third mother, along with Yui's actual mother and sister. A model student and very intelligent, she's currently attending university somewhere outside of Japan.
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