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Ho-kago Tea Time
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Yui Hirasawa

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Mio Akiyama

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Featured Character: Tsumugi Kotobuki

Tsumugi happy

Tsumugi Kotobuki (琴吹 紬), Mugi to her friends, celebrates her birthday on the 2nd of July. Sharing a sheltered upbringing with her childhood friend, Sumire Saitō, Mugi is very naive and often clueless about her surroundings, but makes up for her lack of her world knowledge with an earnest enthusiasm. Mugi is an exceptionally talented pianist, having developed her skills at an early age, and now plays a 76-key Korg Triton Extreme, which weighs a whopping 16kg (though she's somehow strong enough to lug it around). The one thing that everyone loves about Mugi is that even though her family is fabulously wealthy, she never acts haughty, snooty, or arrogant, and always looks after her friends (with plentiful servings of tea and cake).

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Featured Song: Honey Sweet Tea Time


Honey Sweet Tea Time is a song performed by Ho-kago Tea Time, though unlike most Ho-kago Tea Time songs, it is sung by Mugi. From slick guitar lines to lyrics as sweet as its melody, Honey Sweet Tea Time is a song that truly captures the spirit of Ho-kago Tea Time. It's just such a shame that even though the anime showed Mugi and Mio discussing writing the song, they never actually performed it in the anime itself.

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Featured Episode: Staying Behind!

Ritsu and Mugi in the arcade

Mugi seems to be acting suspiciously at the Summer Classes before the university entrance exams, but for a very good reason. Realising that she misses out on a lot of the 'skinship' that happens in the group, Mugi confesses to Ritsu that she wants to be hit by someone, just as Mio would hit Ritsu. But who in their right mind could possibly hit Mugi? What lengths will she go to to coax someone to hitting her? Would she dress inappropriately for the classes? Perhaps she'll play silly little pranks and jokes on everyone while they're there? But there is no way that Mugi would do something so callous as steal the strawberry off of Mio's cake... Right?

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Poll: Favorite HTT Member
Who is your favorite out of the five band members of Ho-kago Tea Time?

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Seasonal Poll: Favourite Keyboard Solo?

Final Round: Which song out of the following has your favourite keyboard solo? (Links below to listen to each solo!)

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  • Happy birthday to Ho-kago Tea Time's loving and gentle keyboardist Mugi, the oldest out of her friends, born July 2nd, 1991. In other news, a Mugi figure, created to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the K-ON anime, is now available to preorder! Details here
  • As the only member of the main cast without a known birthday, the month of June is being dedicated to the enthusiastic-yet-spacey Jun Suzuki, born, like the rest of her classmates, between April 1, 1992 and March 31, 1993. Longtime friend of Ui Hirasawa, Jun is also the bassist for Wakaba Girls and a former member of the Jazz Club.
  • Happy birthday to the mature, responsible, and ever-dependable Ui Hirasawa, born February 22, 1993! Rhythm guitarist for Wakaba Girls and Yui Hirasawa's younger sister, Ui is also able to master nearly anything very quickly, although she herself does not tend to believe she is as skilled as she is.
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