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Featured Fan Theory: Jun's Birthday

Jun birthday flower

Jun is the only character of the main cast of K-ON, who does not have an officially published birthday, and so, the K-ON Wiki normally dedicates the month of June to her. However, after some in-depth research, we may be one step closer to figuring out her real birthday!

The first clue rests in the song Midnight SUPERSTAR☆☆☆ where Jun refers to herself as being born under the Aries star sign. The second clue is in the image to the left. This image was originally featured in Volume 4, Chapter 0 of the manga, on the character introduction page, and it depicts each of the main characters with their birth flower. The flower Jun holds has been identified as being the Astragalus sinicus species.

Even though this birth flower represents several dates, Jun being an Aries narrows down the possiblities to the following: March 20th, March 22nd, April 8th, April 13th, April 18th. Despite this spread of possible dates, most fan art and tributes seem to take place on April 8th, making it Jun's unofficial birthday.

If you would like to investigate yourself, a good place to start would be our rough notes, on this thread here, though you may need to be able to read Japanese to get really deep into the research.

Featured Song: Utauyo!! MIRACLE


Utauyo!! MIRACLE (I'll sing!! MIRACLE in English) is used as the opening theme song of the K-ON!! anime from episode 14, of season 2. It is an incredible, heart-pounding song, full of energy, where Yui sings... well just for the sake of singing?! In true Ho-kago Tea Time, the lyrics boldly state that it doesn't matter if the lyrics are iffy, or if the songs themselves are clumsy, since all that matters is that HTT loves you and everyone can best express their love through song.

However, as a bassist, the current wiki administrator really loves the bassline of this song. It flows seamlessly through so many of the strengths of bass guitar: the harmony through the chorus, the pulsing through the verses. Not to mention the slap bass used during the guitar solo! Granted, it may be a very difficult song for a beginner to learn (and even the admin hasn't mastered the song yet), but it would definitely be a great goal to work towards for any aspiring bassist!

The lyrics are right here...
Would you like to hear the track? Click here
Feeling brave? Learn to play the song over here...

Featured Episode: K-ON! Movie

K-ON Movie DVD cover

The seniors of the Light Music Club are about to graduate, and they have a couple of burning questions on their minds. Firstly, how do they want to spend their last days as high school students? This one's easy - by going to London, taking in the sights, and even playing a couple of shows while there. However, a more private question that the seniors are asking themselves is all to do with their junior member, Azusa. What can the four of them do for her as their parting gift? What do they want to leave behind for her? You'll soon find out that there really is only one logical answer to this question - something that only the Light Music Club can do...

Sound interesting?

Poll: Favorite HTT Member
Who is your favorite out of the five band members of Ho-kago Tea Time?

The poll was created at 09:52 on February 7, 2015, and so far 2397 people voted.
Seasonal Poll: Guitar Solos!
Final Round: Which of the following guitar solos is your favourite? (Links to each solo below!)

The poll was created at 07:38 on March 15, 2016, and so far 213 people voted.

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  • A very happy birthday to Jun Suzuki, the frizzy-haired, Mio-adoring bassist of Wakaba Girls. Though her birthday was never officially published, a fan theory which you can read on the front page has narrowed down some possibilities. Well, Jun was always a little bit mysterious, so maybe her extremely rare white Yamaha SBV500 bass guitar is a perfect fit for her.
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