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K-ON! Movie
K-ON Movie DVD cover
Genre Comedy, Music, Slice of life
TV anime: K-ON! Movie
Director Naoko Yamada
Studio Kyoto Animation
Original run December 3, 2011January 27, 2012

K-ON! Movie (映画けいおん!) is the movie sequel of the anime series K-ON!. An original story, not based on Kakifly's manga series, it follows the five members of the school band Ho-Kago Tea Time on their graduation trip to London, the capital of the United Kingdom.


Plans before graduating

The movie begins with Yui struggling to wake up to her alarm, a scene reminiscent of the first episode of the anime series. At the school, Azusa makes her way to the club room, where Yui and the others are playing over an old Death Devil song. Azusa walks in on a very hostile situation. Ritsu and Yui are arguing over the style of music they are playing, and Mio explains how everyone's ideas of different directions for the club might lead to it being disbanded. Trying to diffuse the situation, Azusa offers to play old maid, but is swiftly refused by Ritsu, who continues to argue with Yui.

The senior members of the club play a Death Devil song.

Tsumugi has a sudden, condemning outburst, surprising everyone given her normally gentle disposition. Yet, this only makes Yui and Ritsu shift the blame to her for the club's demise. Azusa turns on the cassette deck only to realize they were only imitating Death Devil. They quickly drop the act, and the club resumes their normal activities.

The five of them sit down for tea with baumkuchen that Mugi brought and reflect on their upcoming graduation. They toast their recent success of having all been accepted into the same university. Sawako Yamanaka, unexpectedly joins the toast, commending the girls' results while being in disbelief that time had passed so quickly that the girls would be graduating soon. This worries Azusa, who laments the fact that her senpais would soon be gone. Sawako then warns the girls of an upcoming meeting to discuss graduation requirements, like attendenace. Clearly spooked, Ritsu and Yui grovel to Sawako, overly praising her and Death Devil.

While walking, Yui stops and takes a look outside. Ritsu then notices, and asks what was wrong. Meanwhile, Azusa observes a trail of garbage on the floor. She figures that it is Yui's from her plastic bag of garbage. She chooses to follow it. Yui says that they would be graduating without giving Azusa a reason to look at them as Senpais. Ritsu and Mugi deny this for they said the four of them were older in physical ways, and in age. Yui then suggests that they leave her something with a more proper and "senior" characteristic. They all agree. Azusa finally catches sight of the four and cut in to their chat, startling them. Azusa tells Yui about the pieces of garbage. Yui reacts by saying she left a trail on purpose to find her way back to the music room. Due to Azusa picking them up, Yui said that she wouldn't be able to go back, resulting to Azusa saying to her to drop the silly act.

Later that night, Yui, dedicated to the plan, asks Ui about Azusa's interest. Ui initially told her about Azusa's desired resolutions to their actions on her, such as to stop hugging her, which disappoints Yui, but Ui then tells her that the only thing she usually talks about in their class is about the Light Music Club, and that she decided to join such after being moved by the performance they've made in the concert. This enlightens Yui. Ui gives a suggestion, making Yui think, but turns out to be a joke. All night, Yui is deep in thought about what to give to Azusa.

The next day, the four met and they realized that none of them have thought of an idea yet about the plan. They walk to their classroom, and there Yui overhears the volleyball team talking about taking a graduation trip to Hawaii before she confirms this. She calls Ritsu's attention and they ask the group some information on this. Mugi and Yui plead to their club president, Ritsu, to go on a graduation trip too. Ritsu rejects this, focusing on the more important plan for Azusa. The 3-2 class form a thought of giving something to Miss Yamanaka as their last adviser, before they leave. This leads to some suggestions and questions about Sawako's likes.

Organizing the trip

Ironically, Ritsu decides to plan a trip upon them reaching the club room. She recalls the recently acquired passports of the club. Mio then brings back the need to think about the thing for Azusa. Ritsu says that they will handle it too, but Mio counters this by saying that Ritsu brings up things, and that others would just scramble to fix it. Yui then makes mention of Ui's suggestion to her, which was flunking down one year to be able to graduate with the junior member of the band. However, as Yui said the word "Flunking," Azusa enters the club room and they all panic. Azusa sensed the shocked emotions and additionally, hearing the word, asked what was wrong. Yui tries to cover it up once more with silly acts but gave no change to Azusa. Mugi revealed that they were planning on a trip, and in the middle Germany there is the place called Luenen, pronounced the same as that word.

They all go discussing where to go. Mio, being asked by Yui, suggested London, for it's musical background. Yui decides to settle the difference of their choices by doing a Ghost Leg Lottery. It then results to Europe being chosen, Yui's desired location. After some of Azusa's doubting and after Yui's failed attempt to get rid of the paper due to her rising curiosity, it was shown that Yui cheated. They
Yui Europe Face

Yui is penalized for cheating.

attach a paper of a drawn face and the word Europe written to Yui's face as punishment, and they continue to discuss on how to choose. Finally, Yui says to let Ton-chan decide, before tripping shortly afterwards. They place teacups inside the tank of Ton-chan, each representing a different location, and they waited an amount of time. Yui noticed that Ton-Chan is near Europe, taking to focus of the others to it. However, Ritsu observes that Ton-Chan is actually touching London. Yui felt broken until Azusa gives her the statement that London is in fact in Europe. Mio, on the other hand, exclaimed with joy.

They move on to talk about the rooms, they decided to take two, one for 2 people and the other for 3, which surprises Azusa, who is worried that she might just be an obstacle from them to enjoy the trip. With the assurance that she would be fine and a five day break from school, she agrees. She then asks for the permission from her parents, which the others soon do to. They were all granted with their pleas. That night, Nodoka and Yui conversed about the trip.

The following day, Azusa, along with Ui, visits a store and began choosing books to learn more of their destination. Ui is then questioned by Azusa if her sister was hiding something because a strange feeling felt by Azusa. This was replied by Ui, stating how her big sis' isn't capable to even do such thing. The group meets with their agent to book their trip. They chose a five day plan.

Yui meets up with two girls from the occult club in the day after, and they talk about their activities, which ends up with Yui being asked to take a photo of
HTT Plane Book

The club books their trip.

Nessie upon asking if they wanted souvenirs.

She then realized that Lochness is a bit far away from their destination and that Nessie is just a myth, therefore the request being only a joke. She then calls it off.

After planning of activities to do in London, Azusa goes home, leaving the others. They utilized the time to go back to their priority, the thing they want to give to Azusa. Still, unknowing of what to give, Yui notices that Azusa left Mustang and attempts to ask it. A bit clumsy, Yui knocks it, and as it started to fall to its side, Yui grabs it, but falls down too. The result was Mustang creating a sound, in which Yui heard as "song." After remembering Ui's statements about

Mustang Said Song

Yui hears "song".

Azusa and the club, Yui and the others thought of it as the perfect thing to provide for her. A farewell song as a gift.

The idea led to more questions, and as they talk, Azusa arrives back to claim Mustang. They all have serious looks in their faces before knowing of her presence. After she is given back Mustang, she leaves. While walking, Azusa gets a flashback of the uncommon circumstance recently. Azusa, knowing that the seniors never took anything that serious before, felt her suspicion rose.

In the evening, the girls continued their talk by texting, and prepared for their trip the next day. Yui gets food for the trip from Ui, a English phrasebook from her mom, and electrical necessities from her dad.

Leaving Japan

Early at dawn, the group members leave their homes for the train station, where they, with the exception of Mugi, meet. They board the train and after the ride, they catch up with Mugi, who felt unfair for not bringing her keyboard when the others brought their instruments. They get to the airport, and was informed that their instruments would not be with them in their flight because their plane is already full. They are easily distracted by the things in the airport and arrive at the waiting area. Azusa doesn't act like the others thanks to the information by the book she earlier bought.

Afterwards, they board the plane, and are seated in two rows. Mugi, Mio and Ritsu are seated in front of Azusa and Yui, who are at the back. The plane takes off. Much to Yui's nature, she can't help herself from being excited and talking about the sight outside. Yui suggests to Azusa that they start practicing English, which they do. The group sleeps through most of the flight. Yui wakes up and looks outside and sees a wonderful sight of the sun on the horizon. She tries to wake up Azusa, but no avail. Then the lyrics for Azusa's song came to her, and she began to take out her notebook and think. While doing so, she dozes off to Azusa's side, which wakes Azusa and makes her push Yui to her other side. She notices the notebook and read some words such as "Worldwide", "Outro", "Rock", and such, confusing Azusa more as she read. In turn, Yui is woken, and she immediately takes her notebook, creating an awkward moment. Yui tries to cover it up once more by saying that's how she wants to live from now on.

Later in flight, Azusa thinks to herself if her senpai really wants to change the band's direction to the better, or if she wants to flunk herself in school and is worried about the future. She falls back to sleep.

Landing in London

They wake up later shortly before landing, and sight that they are in London, much to their amazement. They land and they go through the checkpoint of the migration officer. Each of them say that they are there for sightseeing. The girls head to the luggage area, and all, apart from Mio, already get their belongings. Mio gets troubled, considering the amount of time that passed just waiting there. The anxieties were put off when Yui spots Mio's luggage over the corner.

The club departs from the London airport and is met by new things they are not very

The girls arrive in London.

acquainted much, like the coldness in London, different taxis, London English and more. Mio snaps some photos and they find a taxi.

They all learn some variance between the taxi there and of their country; the taxi had a door which was opened the other way and there is the seat facing backwards. They then said to the driver that they needed to get to Hotel Ibis. The driver asked the whereabouts, and Ritsu jokingly said that, it's in London, of course. The driver interpreted that as London City and they get going. While riding, the five seemed amazed by the country even more.

Yui ends up not feeling good because of her motion sickness which makes the group sit down in the hotel lobby for a while. Mugi and Azusa decides to check in to their reservations only to find out that they didn't have any there. Shocked, the others approach them. But after the reservation sheet was checked by the attendant, the problem was made clear by saying that the reservations were actually made in Hotel Ibis in Earl's Court, not in London City. Their hotel, being far away, makes the members take the subway to ride a train. Yui felt something wrong with Azusa, and it is revealed that she is wearing new shoes which seem to be stiff, resulting to pain. The group decides to buy her new ones, though Azusa denies at first, thinking that they are already tired. They travel from the Aldgate East Station to the Camden Town Station. They buy Azusa comfortable shoes and see a Kaiten Sushi shop nearby.

An impromptu performance

Since they have never been to one in London, they go in with Ritsu, wondering if London has the same type of food. Initially they are a bit surprised on how fancy it was, and commented on the sushi moving all around. While looking around, Yui bumps into a Londoner, which happens to be the manager of the store. The manager asks if they were the songbirds from Japan coming to perform there. The others, having a great difficulty in speaking English, didn't understand. However, Yui hearing the words "from" and "Japan", says yes. She then continues saying yes to the manager's question, feeling nervous. Then the management gives them happi to wear and takes their instruments. The group, still unaware of what was going on, thought that they have to wear those to eat sushi. Suddenly they see their instruments on the stage which startles all of them. Mugi angrily approaches the people setting them and the others felt somewhat relief, thinking that she went to tell them that they were only there for sushi, but it turns out that Mugi wanted a keyboard placed there, so the instruments for the band would be complete. Ritsu takes the problem to her hands and confronts the manager, however she spoke mostly in Japanese although she tried to communicate, so it failed too.

Left with nothing to do but play, the group goes to the stage while still nervous as well as scared by the fact that the manger is still looking at them. The band panics, totally unprepared, and starts asking Yui what to play.

Yui looks around and sees a man, who waved at her, wearing a Dastar, which Yui takes as rice. She says "Curry Nochi Rice." Ritsu reminds her that they are in a sushi bar, but Yui said there is rice there too, thinking of the Dastar. Yui adds up by saying that [the rice] looked liked a nice person. The others get more confused, and Yui apologizes for getting hyped up, but also says that they should hurry as the manager is still staring. As they were starting to test their equipment, Yui notices that Azusa's guitar tone is off by a quarter. Panicking,

The group performs in the Sushi Bar.

Azusa just matched those of Yui. They quickly start the song. While doing the intro, Yui gives a short statement saying that they're Ho-Kago Tea Time. The song goes on normally, and the administration cheers. Leaving, the group hears the manager saying, "Thank You, Love Crysis." Outside, Yui asked to confirm what he just heard. Azusa says she thought he said Love Crysis. It was already night time. Mugi and the others then remember that it's the name of the band by a friend of Ritsu. They complain about their hunger while sitting at the

The club sits outside the Kaiten Sushi Bar.

staircase, before they decided to get a move-on. That's when Ritsu and Mio are greeted by the voice of Maki. Ritsu, at first, thought it was some other Londoners and answered to the questions on why are they traveling by saying that they are sightseeing. Ritsu commented that her English is improving before Mio said that the people asking them were speaking in Japanese.

Ritsu looks at the people, and recognizes them as the Love Crysis. Both bands seem surprised. Ritsu is very glad to see them, and greeted them with a huge relief. Yui said about the problem they've had, and Maki says that's too bad. Maki also said that their band was there to perform during the sushi shop's grand opening. Mugi quickly understood that the shop mistook them for Maki's band. Maki said that Kawakami from the Live House is a good friend of the shop manager, and that she recommended them there. Ritsu spoke of the misconception of the store, and Maki went in to talk to the administration. The two bands waved goodbye and parted ways.

Exploring London

They finally reach their Hotel. Yui and Azusa share rooms, and once inside, spoke of their hunger, being uncomfortable and tired. They decide to utilize the food packed thanks to Ui. Yui takes a bath, and the others were taking snapshots in uniforms. When Yui plugs in an appliance, she doesn't know that it requires to be plugged in a transformer, not directly. It sparks, which Yui described as "fires spewed onto her." Being informed by Mugi, Yui, however, just says that they should proceed to dinner.

The appliance sparks when it receives the wrong power input.

During Azusa's sleep, her thoughts of Yui flunking a year in school and Yui becoming her classmate becomes her dream. She wakes up in the middle of the night and spots a sleeping Yui on the other bed. Yui looks like she had slept while writing something as the light was on and the same notebook earlier was there. Azusa stands and takes a look at what she wrote. The current page had "Azu-nyan Love" written and some drawings. This creeps out Azusa and she jumps right back to bed.

The next day, the group explores London. They eat breakfast outside, visit different shops, walk across lots of streets, rest at a bench, go to a park, and take a picture with a beef-eater at house number 221B and more. It is also seen that Yui sticks to a Dog Litter Box, shortly before seeing a dog and running away. Constantly throughout the exploration, Azusa is shown to avoid or take distance from Yui. Azusa and the others headed for the British Museum, since they're already there, and there see the replica of the Rosetta stone, which was used by Class 3-2 in their Romeo and Juliet play. They commented on how precise the Occult Club replicated the stone. Feeling tired, they head for a nearby Tea Shop, but much to their disappointment, they needed reservations to be there. The London Eye, the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe catches their attention, and they approach it. Yui suggests to ride it, but Mio appears to get scared of rotating or revolving things. Forcing Mio, they all ride it. At a high level from the ground, Mio remarks on how cool it is there with a large view of London seen. Night comes, and they visit the borough market. They buy some sweets before returning to the hotel.

Azusa gets suspicious

Azusa, before entering their room chooses to join the other three first in their room. However, Yui reminds that she is with her in the room. Azusa just follows. As she looks back, she sees her senpai running and saying, "I'm Home!".

Azusa, anticipating that Yui would hug her once more, strikes Yui at her belly with

Azusa protects herself using self-defense.

her elbow. Yui drops to the ground and Azusa started apologizing. She also says that she did not like to be treated as such. Yui, now confused, stated that she was just about to hug Giita. Azusa feels shocked for having the wrong idea. She runs to her bed and covers herself with the blanket. Yui, still in pain, slowly stands up and said it was fine; knowing the book of self-defense Ui gave her was put to use. Yui lies beside her and asks if she was going to sleep. She sings Azusa a lullaby before drowsing herself.

Later that night, Yui goes to the other room to meet up with the others. Yui goes through the hallway, and brings sweets, although it leaves a trail. The seniors once again discuss about the song for Azusa. Yui starts singing, having famous London landmarks as lyrics. Yui wants to make this song the best one they've ever came up with. A song that will motivate Azusa even when they're gone. Back in the other room, Azusa wakes up and sights some candies on the floor. She follows it, knowing it will lead to Yui. Yui decides to go back to their room, this time, through the door between their rooms. After a while, Azusa knocks which provokes the remaining three to hide all of their song plans. Azusa is then let in after that. She sees that Yui is not there and therefore goes through the separating door. Yui knocks on the main door, and said that Azusa was missing. The three point out that Azusa went back to their room through the other door, in which Yui follows. A knock on the door was heard, now, Azusa being the creator. She, in turn, is now the one saying that Yui is missing. Not long after, Yui enters through the main door and goes to Azusa saying that Azusa is gone, before realizing the conspicuous person she’s talking to.

The phone rings, grabbing hold of everyone's focus. The group asks who it could be, since it is very late at night. Ritsu answers it. She says she heard a killer over the phone, but was just a prank to Mio because the caller already hung up before she could really answer it. They all go to sleep. While thinking, Yui notices Azusa uttering some words which are very much like the last time. Yui calls it off and sleeps.

During breakfast, Azusa eats with Yui, who is, at that time, staring and still deep in thought. Azusa gets mad as Yui wouldn't stop staring. Afterwards, Yui goes on a walk outside, conceptualizing as much as she can about the lyrics. Unable to do such, she begins using things she sees repeatedly as lyrics, but she doesn't accept those. Her thinking is interrupted when Azusa calls her because the group would be leaving sometime soon.

The Japanese Pop Culture Fair

The group goes to a music store. Yui, showing perseverance for the gift, doesn't seem to be distracted by the guitars and instruments around her even the models same as Giita. Even when running, or resting, her mind couldn't shift from the idea. Ritsu's phone rings and the caller is Kawakami, who was informed of their presence by Love Crysis. Kawakami wants them to do a favor for her. It is revealed that the following day, afternoon, there would be a Japanese Pop Culture presentation there in London, and Kawakami wants them to join, along with the bands Love Crysis and Black Frill.

They go shopping, still undecided whether to participate or not. Yui wants to, saying it was a stroke of luck and that they'll not get to repeat what they did in the sushi bar. Mugi also insists in performing, and so the group sends their

The group agrees to join the Japanese Pop Culture exibit.

reply that they'll join. Azusa, knowing that the flight is at 5pm, asks if they would be able to make it on time after their performance. Ritsu says they go on at 4pm. The senpais tell her not to worry, which is also a thing that makes her worried.

At the hotel, Yui tells the group that she had translated the song they're going to sing to English. It was for the international audiences, she said, but the translations weren't that fitting. They think of suggestions and other things.

Yui wakes up in the middle of her sleep while everyone is sleeping. She feels like she had a major idea for the song, and that she felt it as big realization. She hears Azusa uttering in her sleep before going back to get some shut-eye.

The day after, while the group is in the elevator going down, Azusa is asked by Yui if she hadn't slept well, noticing her look and her yawning. Azusa replies that she is having very strange dreams of her. Before leaving the hotel, Mugi goes to the receiving room and gets her keyboard , which she had sent to her. Yui comments that they're complete as a band once again.

The girls leave the hotel with their luggage and head to the Jubilee Gardens which was already filled with people and shop and festival stands. There are Japanese food stands, people in Japanese outfits and even a miniature Godzilla there.

They see Maki and the others at the shady part of the concert platform. After

The bands meet at the Jubilee Gardens.

greeting, they asked when Love Crysis would perform. They reply saying they'd be live at 3:30pm. Yui then wonders at what time the Black Frill would perform. The say the band told them by hand that they'll be playing at 4. This confuses the club until Maki clears it by explaining that Black Frill and Love Crysis would be performing at the indoor stage, while Ho-kago Tea-Time would be performing on the outdoor stage.

The band steps on the stage. Ritsu is then told to prepare their band's instruments. It was 3:45pm and as Love Crysis performs, Ho-kago Tea-Time prepares. They all change to their school uniforms, their chosen performance

outfits. Yui is about to plug in the guitar to the amp when she recalled her
Love Crysis in London

Love Crysis in the indoor stage.

horrifying experience at the hotel. She asks if it is safe to do so, but even replied that it's safe, she couldn't plug it. She then asks if they could as any other person to plug it in. Someone grabs the cord from Yui and forcefully plugs it to the amp. Yui shouts "Giita" before being tripped backwards by the cord. To their surprise it was Sawako who did it. She replies, to think about that Yui's

guitar wasn't even made in Japan. The group, at first and in disbelief, asks if she was an illusion or some sort of ghost, but as the plot progresses it was really Sawako Yamanaka. Their next question is why she was there. Sawako explained that the points or miles earned by her credit card last year will soon expire, so she uses it to travel there, plus the fact that she is their adviser. Yui asks when she had gotten to London. She tells them she had arrived the morning before and is leaving tonight. Ritsu asks why she didn't inform them. Sawako spoke that she called, or at least attempted to do such, their hotel phone. This answers the mystery of who called at the hotel.

Sawako, as usual, brought outfits for the girls to wear. Those outfits were lady ninja costumes. She also shows pictures of Nodoka, Ui and Jun wearing such. The visitors see the outfits and cheer. Even with that, Ritsu rejects her offer. They were now ready and on standby.

They first perform Fuwa Fuwa Time there. Yui says over the mic that they had a blast in London, and related things. Keeping up with the schedule, Ritsu tells Yui of their tight time there, that they needed to catch their plane. Yui spots the Big Ben, noticing it was already 4:10pm. Yui proceeds to announce their last song to perform, Gohan wa Okazu. At the near end of the song, Yui gets distracted by the surroundings and the cute baby in the audience. It's 4:17pm when she looks again. Yui then exclaims to the others to do one more round of the song. Everyone else except Mugi is a bit shocked, but play along. Yui makes a twist in the song; and starts to use English Lyrics by using once more the local landmark as lyrics. They sing, and all the people around them enjoy themselves. The song ends with Yui shouting "Sky High."


"Sky High!"

Returning home

It is already dark when the band rushes to the airport soon after. They manage to acquire a taxi and all go in. The taxi then goes off to the airport. During that time, they see Azusa sleeping. Mugi points out that Azusa had been working real hard for them; her planning everything and such. They take one last photo of the moment. As they wait, snow began to fall lightly, complementing the wonderful sight of London at night. It's just when Yui finally realizes something important; they could just write one of their usual songs for Azusa. The others say that they were thinking of the same thing all along.

Their airplane takes off. They leave Europe and go back to their country.

Long after, in the Hirasawa's home, Nodoka is asked by Yui to pick the foreign tea product and souvenir that she wants. Ui brings up the fact that the Afterschool Tea-Time haven't had the chance to get afternoon tea time in London but had the great chance to play their music. It is revealed by Nodoka that the whole 3-2 class wished they could have gone to see their performance there.

The next time they go into their classroom, the students began asking things about their trip and performance in London. Then they request them to perform before graduation, since the Jazz club was also going to do so. They agree to do it, and wonder where to perform. The others ask them to play in their homeroom. The group goes to the faculty room to ask Sawako if that was possible. To be able to play at the last day of school which will be the final piece of memory that will complete their high school days, according to Ritsu. Sawako agrees to that saying that it brings back her memories. During the presence of Horigome, Sawako shifted and said that there would be no performance, confusing the club. She, nevertheless, was truly on to the idea and so wrote on a paper suggesting they perform at morning the next day. The girls play along, and smile to their granted request.

Sawako remembers her high school days and how they were reprimanded so badly. Thinking that the music of the current Light Music Club
Death Devil scolded

Yamanaka's Group being reprimanded.

band is fluffy, she believed that they would be crushed if the same thing happened. She dedicates herself to protect them tomorrow.

Meanwhile in the classroom of Class 2-1, the students are busy preparing corsages for their senpais on the day of their graduation. A light knock on the windows catches Azusa's attention. She sees the others outside and goes to them after. She is informed of the coming performance, and is asked if only the seniors performed. Azusa rejects this because she wanted to join too, knowing it's their last performance together as a band, and their last show in school. The others, with their plan completed, cheer and thank Azusa.

The concert in Class 3-2

The next day comes, and a determined Sawako-chan pledges to protect them. The band brings their instruments to the senior's classroom. Nodoka leads the preparation of the room, with the desks, beside each other, forming the stage.

The performance started first with the singing of Samidare 20 Love. The other students watch and cheer. Back in the faculty room, Horigome arrives and he easily hears the noise. Sawako covers it by saying it's just some sort of construction. He responds, saying how lively that construction was, before running off towards the source, knowing there is something
Horigome weird

Horigome rushes off.

going on, supported by the fact why Sawako was so early.

The students outside the room were informed shortly and they join in to the jam. Yui announces that their next song would be their last song. They start to play the song U&I, and more students come in to see. Sawako tries to slow down the teacher by clinging to him and saying that the performance would be complete before the class start. Ui and Jun watch outside, shortly before being asked and welcomed by Ichigo to come in.

The others take pictures as the Instrumental part approaches. During such time, Yui

Yui and Azusa together play the instrumental part of the song.

approaches Azusa, as they both shared sounds. She jumps to the crowd, a bit later during the last chorus. Sawako and Horigome watch outside. He compares Sawako's band to theirs, saying how better and cute their performance was. As he begins to leave, the students push them inside to see the performance too. The band enjoys the performance, knowing that there would be no worries. After the song ends, everyone cheers.

Classes start for the lower year students. Yui, Ritsu, Mio and Mugi are the only ones left in the room. What remains is their song for Azusa. Mugi was able to come up with the melody for the song, delighting the others. They only needed to place some lyrics and they would be finished. While talking about how much they've spent with Azusa the last two years, Yui says that she was their biggest treasure, and they use that for the lyrics. After a lot of brainstorming, they go home. Using the memories brought by the photos, music, material things and the mind itself, they were able to construct their own lyrics.

A gift for Azusa

The next day, the four of them meet up and then combined their own lyrics into one perfect blend. They also rehearse a lot. After a lot of sessions filled with dedication, they manage to complete the song in time. During that day, the lower year students were in school, and Class 2-1 was doing table tennis. While Azusa and Jun were in a match, Azusa discusses her suspicion with Jun and Ui. She goes to thinking that Yui would try to flunk, but Ui said Yui bought new tights for graduation. Jun thinks that they didn't pass their college school's requirements, but Ui assures them that she did. Azusa's worry gets heavier, and she becomes more confused.

That night, Yui practices in her room. She feels that somewhat the lyrics are incomplete. Ui knocks on the door and Yui, not knowing what to do, hides the lyrics under the table, and goes to bed with Giita, as she would normally do. Ui enters and she said that Yui might get guitar lines again. Unfortunately, the lyrics come to Ui's sights and she began to act like she didn't know that it's there. They talk shortly about her sister's graduation tomorrow and after that Yui thanks her and says that she can graduate on her own now. She also asks if they would still be having tea normally even if she's in the university. Ui assures her that would still. They said goodnight. Ui had texted Azusa the message that there is nothing to worry about. Azusa sighs and she starts creating a message.

The day ends, and in the following day, the four ran together to the school. The ceremony starts. Everything else takes place. After the event, Yui starts to head for the club room. She is then called by Ritsu to the school's rooftop which was open at that time. They run around with joy, and then they huddle for one last talk about the song. The four are filled with anxiety. Yui is feeling very nervous, and Mugi's hands are very cold, something that rarely occurs. Yui feels relieved knowing she is not the only one nervous.

At her classroom, Azusa, before her senpais leave her, was writing some thank you

Thank you letters are written by Azusa for her senpais.

notes for each of them, thinking she never thanked them properly.

Both the group at the top floor and Azusa, down, notice a bird and a jet plane that pass by. Seeing these, Yui remembered the first time Ritsu and the others perform for her, it was the song Tsubasa wo Kudasai, or Give me Wings, that the Light Music Club started with the four, and then Azusa came, giving them the boost. Yui realizes it was Azusa who gave them 'wings' so they could 'fly' through everything, the angel who brought them happiness. With this, they modify the song for the last time. The final result was perfect, they all agreed. That song, packed with all their love, would, in turn, become Azusa's wings. They then decide to have tea while waiting for Azusa.

They converse about who would say certain lines which were to tell Azusa of their biggest gift to her. Azusa comes inside the club room, hoping that she could make tea for the last time there, but she was already too late. Azusa is asked to be seated while they perform the song for her. She does so, and the seniors get ready. They start the song with confidence.

Azusa, while drenched in the music, realizes these were the things, of which she became worried, all about. Each of them sings a part of the song, each pointing out

The seniors reveal their special gift.

to the memories they all had, together.

Hints of tears built up on Azusa's eyes, and after the song ends, she claps as she appreciates the wonderful gift.

The four senpais walk together outside, talking about the performance they gave to Azusa. They also talk about their future as college students. Mio said that the Death Devil song they played to Azusa was also a farewell song, although unsure. Yui then asked to where they should go to next year. Ritsu asked what for, and Yui replies that in time, it would be for Azusa's graduation Trip. The four run to a bridge and see Azusa and Nodoka. Yui runs to hug Azusa, marking the end of their high school days, the season and the movie.


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Main characters

Yui Hirasawa (平沢 唯), voiced by Aki Toyosaki
The main character. A clumsy girl. She plays guitar and is the main vocalist.
Ritsu Tainaka (田井中 律), voiced by Satomi Satō
An active girl who is the president of the light music club. She plays the drums.
Mio Akiyama (秋山 澪), voiced by Yōko Hikasa
A mature but shy girl. Forced by her childhood friend Ritsu into the club. She plays the bass and is the second vocalist.
Tsumugi Kotobuki (琴吹 紬), voiced by Minako Kotobuki
A wealthy girl with no experience of normal living standards. She plays the keyboard.
Azusa Nakano (中野 梓), voiced by Ayana Taketatsu
Introduced at the middle of the first season as a freshman. She plays guitar.

Secondary characters

Nodoka Manabe (真鍋 和), voiced by Chika Fujitō
A childhood friend of Yui, she becomes a member of the school’s student council.
Ui Hirasawa (平沢 憂), voiced by Madoka Yonezawa
Yui's younger sister.
Jun Suzuki (鈴木 純), voiced by Yoriko Nagata
A classmate of Azusa and Ui.
Sawako Yamanaka (山中 さわ子), voiced by Asami Sanada
The club's (forced) advisor and an alumna of the light music club. She supports the club with (sometimes weird) clothes.
Members of the Class 3-2
Several different class members with the main characters, exclusive to the anime.


The Movie got affirmed during the live concert Come With Me!! at the 20th of February 2011. At the third of December 2011, it came to Japanese theatres where it was shown until the 27th of January 2012.

At the 18th of July 2012, the movie got released on DVD and BD in Japan. The English syncro was released in May 2013 by Bang Zoom! Entertainment and Sentai Filmworks.


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The movie has, exactly as the anime, an own intro and outro theme, as well as a main theme. The intro theme (Ichiban Ippai) was released on the same album as the main theme Unmei♪wa♪Endless! at the seventh of December 2011. The outro theme Singing! was released at the same day withing the same-called album.

The insert songs of the movie were collected inside of the mini-album Ho-Kago Tea Time in Movie, which was released on the 18th of January 2012.

Additionally, the movie was granted with its own "Original Soundtrack" and an "Official Band Yarouyo!!" album, which were released on the 21st of December 2011 and on the 19th of February 2012, respectively.


  • The English dub can be quite strange to listen to in the scenes where the group tries to speak to the British people, in English. The girls go from speaking normal English throughout the entire series, to worrying (in English) about not being able to speak English well, with actual English-speakers unable to understand their English, then using very broken English to speak to actual English speakers while still speaking normally to each other.

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