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For other articles with the name "Ichiban Ippai", see Ichiban Ippai (disambiguation).
Ichiban Ippai
Unmei wa endless cover
English Name Full of Number Ones
Album Unmei♪wa♪Endless!
Performed By Ho-kago Tea Time
Singer Yui Hirasawa (Aki Toyosaki)
Release December 7, 2011
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Unmei♪wa♪Endless!
Next Unmei♪wa♪Endless! (Instrumental)

Ichiban Ippai (いちばん いっぱい) or Full of Number Ones is a single of the band Ho-kago Tea Time, produced by Pony Canyon and published on 7 December 2011 within the album Unmei♪wa♪Endless!. The song is the opening theme song for the K-ON! Movie.

The song was sung by Yui Hirasawa's voice actress Aki Toyosaki, written by Shouko Oomori, composed by Tom-H@ck and arranged by Hajime Hyakkoku.


Aside from the original, Ichiban Ippai has the following different versions:


Unmei wa endless cover This version is identical to the original with the exception of the removed vocals. It was released on the same album as the original version.

MOVIE size Version

K-ON! Movie - Official Band Yarouyo!! K-ON! MOVIE Hen album cover This shortened version is adjusted to the length of the opening of the movie. The version was featured on the album K-ON! Movie - Official Band Yarouyo!! K-ON! Movie Hen.


Ichiban Ippai

Japanese Lyrics

おはよう ぴかぴか朝陽 全身に金色スポットライト
うふうふ ハートのあたり いいことありそうな予\感

こころ何センチ? (知りたいな) どんなカタチしてるの?? (○、×、□???)
わかんない でも“大好き”が触れる (あったかい場所) 場所 (正解!)

だから一番を探しに 出逢いに行こうよ (レッツゴー)
百個目の一番も それは一番で
胸一杯 お腹一杯 (幸せ) 充たされて 一緒にね…にっこり


おやすみ さよなら今日 星空は藍色ブランケット
きゅんきゅん ハートの奥がほんのり せつないけど

昨日のかさぶた (痛みごと) いつの間に消えたように (ちちんぷいぷい)
真(ま)っ新(さら)な始まりはエンドレス(ドンと来いだもん) だもん (カモン!)

明日も一番を全力で 抱きしめてこうよ (ギュッと)

千個目の一番も やっぱ一番で
胸満杯 夢に乾杯 (がんばろう) 追いかけて転んでも平気

(Keep on Keep on Singing Songs)
(Keep on Keep on)

みんな生まれたね!? ハートを持って!!

いつもICHIBAN is No.1 We are all No.1 (ヤッホー)
百億個の一番 ぜんぶ宝物
出逢って 大好きになって (信じて) 抱きしめて 手放して
ああ (See you, Good-bye) また出逢って (Hello) 幸せってその繰り返し
何個目の一番も 代わりなんてなくて
胸一杯 お腹一杯 (ありがとう) 充たされて ずっとずっと…にっこり



Ohayou pika pika asahi zenshin ni kin-iro SUPOTTORAITO
Ufu ufu HAATO no atari ii koto arisou na yokan

Kokoro nan senchi? (Shiritai na) donna KATACHI shiteru no?? (MARU, BATSU, SHIKAKU???)
Wakannai demo "Daisuki" ga fureru (Attakai basho) basho (Seikai!)

Dakara ichiban wo sagashi ni deai ni ikou yo (RETTSU GOO)
Hyakukome no ichiban mo sore wa ichiban de
Mune ippai onaka ippai (Shiawase) mitasarete isshoni ne...nikkori

Ichiban wa hitotsu ja nai

Oyasumi sayonara kyou hoshizora wa aiiro BURANKETTO
Kyun kyun HAATO no oku ga honnori setsunai kedo

Kinou no asabuta (Itamigoto) itsunomani kieta you ni (Chichin pui pui)
Massara na hajimari wa ENDORESU (Donto koi da mon) da mon (KAMON!)

Asu mo ichiban wo zenryoku de dakishimetekou yo (GYUTTO)

Senkome no ichiban mo yappa ichiban de
Mune manpai yume ni kanpai (Ganbarou) oikakete koronde mo heiki

(Keep on Keep on Singing Songs)
(Keep on Keep on)

Saikou tte omou "Shunkan" "Ima" wo kanjiru, tsukuru tame
Minna umareta ne!? HAATO wo motte!!

Itsumo ICHIBAN is No.1 We are all No.1 (YAHHO-)
Tanoshii ni isshokenmei da yo
Hyakuokuko no ichiban zenbu takaramono
Deatte daisuki ni natte (Shinjite) dakishimete tebanashite
Aa (See you, Good-bye) mata deatte (Hello) shiawase tte sono kurikaeshi
Nankome no ichiban mo kawari nante nakute
Mune ippai onaka ippai (Arigatou) mitasarete zutto zutto...nikkori

Mugendai da yo ichiban no PAWAA
Ichiban wa hitotsu ja nai

English Translation

Good morning, the sparkly morning sun is a golden spotlight on my whole body
Tehehe, My heart has a premonition of good things to come

How many centimeters is the soul? (I want to know) What kind of shape is it? (Circle, X, square???)
I dunno, but its the place (a warm place) I feel "love" (Correct!)

So, let's go search for and meet our number one (Let's go)
School - sound - song - tea - dessert
Even the hundredth number one is number one
A full heart, a full tummy (is happiness) to satisfaction, together... we grin

There's isn't just one number one

Good night, goodbye today, the starry sky is an indigo-colored blanket
Though there's a bit of a painful squeeze inside my heart

The scabs from yesterday (Painful things) May they disappear before I know it (Abra Cadabra!)
A brand new beginning is (coming suddenly) endless (C'mon!)

Tomorrow too, let's hug with all our might our number one (tightly)

Person - dog - wind - flower - path
Even the thousandth number one is number one
With a full heart, toast our dreams (Do your best) Chase after them and you'll be fine even if you fall

(Keep on Keep on Singing Songs)
(Keep on Keep on)

When you think "The best", you have to feel "the moment", and "now"
Every one was born to make these things!? To have a heart!!

Always, ICHIBAN is No. 1 We are all No. 1 (Yahoo!)
We have fun giving it our all
Even the ten billionth number one is a treasure
To meet by chance, to come to love someone, (Believe) to hug, to let go
Ah, (See you, Good-bye) Until we meet again (Hello) it's a repetition of happiness
No matter how many number ones there are, there's no substitutes for any of them
A full heart, a full tummy (Thank you) to satisfaction, always, always... we grin

It's infinite, the power of number one
There isn't just one number one

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