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For other articles with the name "Fuyu no Hi", see Fuyu no Hi (disambiguation).
Fuyu no Hi
English Name Winter Days
Album Ho-kago Tea Time II
Performed By Ho-kago Tea Time
Singer Yui Hirasawa (Aki Toyosaki)
Release October 27, 2010
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Tokimeki Sugar
Next U&I

Fuyu no Hi (冬の日(ふゆのひ)) or Winter Days is a song by the band Ho-kago Tea Time, produced by Pony Canyon and published on 27 October 2010 on the album Ho-kago Tea Time II.

The song was sung by Yui Hirasawa's voice actress Aki Toyosaki, written by Hotaru and composed and arranged by Tom-H@ck.


Fuyu no Hi

Japanese Lyrics

どんなに寒くても ぼくは幸せ
白い吐息弾ませて 駆けてくきみを見てると 

切り揃えた髪が とても似合ってる
でも前髪を下した きみの姿も見てみたい

舞う雪 踊った気持ちみたい
なんか うれしいね

こんなにあざやかな 白く光る街
きみとぼくで歩きたい 手をつないでならいいのにな

いたずらな笑顔が とても似合ってる
でも頬を赤くして 照れてるきみも見てみたい

降る雪 止まない気持ちみたい
ちょっと せつないね


でもその分きみのこと 想ってるってきづいたよ


舞う雪 踊った気持ちみたい
なんか うれしいね


donna ni samukutemo boku wa shiawase
shiroi toiki hazumasete kaketeku kimi wo miteru to

kiri soroeta kami ga totemo niatteru
demo maegami wo oroshita kimi no sugata mo mite mitai

nani kara hanaseba ii no kana
"suki" kara hajimete ii kana
mau yuki odotta kimochi mitai
nanka ureshii ne

konna ni azayaka na shiroku hikaru machi
kimi to boku de arukitai te wo tsunaide nara ii no ni na

itazura na egao ga totemo niatteru
demo hoho wo akaku shite tereteru kimi mo mite mitai

doushite kotoba ga dete konai no kana
jisho demo hiite miyou ka na
furu yuki tomanai kimochi mitai
chotto setsunai ne

kokoro no oku de
ookiku iki wo shiyou

mune ga itamu koto mo fueta ki ga suru kedo
demo sono bun kimi no koto omotteru tte kiduita yo
yappari ne

ashita mo itsumo no basho ni iku yo
kakete kuru kimi wo matsu yo
hatsuyuki matsu you na kimochi ga hora
motto hazunde

nani kara hanaseba ii no kana
"suki" kara hajimete ii kana
mau yuki odotta kimochi mitai
nanka ureshii ne

English Translation

No matter how cold it is, I'm happy
Watching your white breath as you spring into a run

Your hairstyle really suits you
But I want to see how you look with your bangs down

I wonder what I should say
Is "I love you" a good way to start?
The fluttering snow is like my dancing feelings
And somehow I'm happy

On this vivid white, shining road
I want to walk with you; it would be okay if we held hands

Your mischievous smile really suits you
But I also want to see your shy, blushing face

Why is it that no words will come out?
Should I look some up in a dictionary?
The falling snow, like my feelings, won't stop
It's sort of painful

Inside of my heart
I'm taking a deep breath

Even though I feel like the aching in my heart is increasing
I realized it's just because I think about you that often
Just as I thought!

Tomorrow we'll meet at our usual place
You'll be running and I'll wait for you
Just like I'm waiting for the first snow of the season
Run a little faster!

I wonder what I should say
Is "I love you" a good way to start?
My feelings are dancing like fluttering snow
And somehow I'm happy


  • Although this song was published after the second season of the anime, parts of the lyrics of this song  had already appeared during the first season in Winter Days!. (At that time, Ritsu insisted that they were never going to use the lyrics in question, but evidently she conceded at some later point.)

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