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For other articles with the name "Fuwa Fuwa Time", see Fuwa Fuwa Time (disambiguation).
Fuwa Fuwa Time (Eiga 'K-ON!' Mix)
Ho-Kago Tea Time in Movie album cover
English Name Fluffy Time (Movie 'K-ON!' Mix)
Album Ho-kago Tea Time in Movie
Performed By Ho-kago Tea Time
Singer Yui Hirasawa (Aki Toyosaki)
Release January 18, 2012
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (Eiga 'K-ON!' Mix)
Next Hikari

Fuwa Fuwa Time (Eiga 'K-ON!' Mix) (ふわふわ時間(たいむ)(映画「けいおん!」Mix)((えいが「けいおん!」Mix))) or Fluffy Time (Movie 'K-ON!' Mix) is an insert song and alternative version of Ho-kago Tea Time's song Fuwa Fuwa Time, produced by Pony Canyon and published on the 18th of January 2012 within the mini album Ho-kago Tea Time in Movie.

The song was sung by Yui Hirasawa's voice actress Aki Toyosaki, written by Mio Akiyama and composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Maezawa and Tsumugi Kotobuki.


As an insert song, "Fuwa Fuwa Time (Eiga 'K-ON!' Mix)" has made one or more appearances during the K-ON! anime:

  • In the K-ON! Movie during Ho-kago Tea Time's concert at the Japanese Culture Festival.


Fuwa Fuwa Time

Japanese Lyrics


あぁ カミサマお願い
二人だけの Dream Time ください☆


さりげな笑顔を深読みしぎて Over heat!
夢でいいから【夢でいいから】二人だけの Sweet time 欲しいの

あぁ カミサマどうして
好きになるほど Dream night せつないの

あぁ カミサマお願い
一度だけの Miracle Time ください!



KIMI wo miteru to itsumo HAATO DOKIDOKI
yureru omoi wa MASHUMARO mitai ni fuwafuwa
itsumo ganbaru (itsumo ganbaru) KIMI no yokogao (KIMI no yokogao)
zutto mitete mo kizukanai yo ne
yume no naka nara (yume no naka nara)
futari no kyori chijimerareru no ni na

aa KAMI-SAMA onegai
futari dake no Dream Time kudasai
o-ki ni iri no usa-chan daite kon'ya mo OYASUMI

fuwafuwa TAIMU (fuwafuwa TAIMU)
fuwafuwa TAIMU (fuwafuwa TAIMU)
fuwafuwa TAIMU (fuwafuwa TAIMU)

futo shita shigusa ni kyou mo HAATO ZUKIZUKI
sarige na egao wo fukayomi shisugite Overheat!
itsuka me ni shita (itsuka me ni shita) KIMI no MAJIkao (KIMI no MAJIkao)
hitomi tojite mo ukande kuru yo
yume de ii kara (yume de ii kara)
futari dake no Sweet Time hoshii no

aa KAMI-SAMA doushite
suki ni naru hodo Dream Night setsunai no
totteoki no kuma-chan dashita shi kon'ya wa daijoubu ka na?

aa KAMI-SAMA onegai
ichido dake no Miracle Time kudasai!
moshi sunnari hanasereba sono ato wa... dou ni ka naru yo ne

fuwafuwa TAIMU (fuwafuwa TAIMU)
fuwafuwa TAIMU (fuwafuwa TAIMU)
fuwafuwa TAIMU (fuwafuwa TAIMU)

English Translation

When I look at you, my heart always goes thump-thump
This shaking feeling is fluffy-fluffy, like a marshmallow
You're always so persistent, You don't even notice
Me, always staring at your profile
When we're in my dreams,
The distance between us can be shortened

Oh, God, please
Give some Dream Time for just the two of us!
Cuddling my favorite bunny doll, Goodnight again, tonight

Fluffy time (Fluffy time)
Fluffy time (Fluffy time)
Fluffy time (Fluffy time)

Again today, your unexpected behavior makes my heart go pound-pound
Reading too much into your casual smile, I overheat!
The serious face of yours I saw one day
Appears even when I close my eyes
Even in my dreams is fine,
I want some Sweet Time for just the two of us!

Oh, God, why
Is this Dream Night so painful that I've come to like it?
I've taken out my emergency teddy bear, will I be okay tonight?

Oh, God, please
Give me some Miracle Time, just this once!
And afterwards, if I can talk with him no problem... we'll see where it goes.

Fluffy time (Fluffy time)
Fluffy time (Fluffy time)
Fluffy time (Fluffy time)

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