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Death Devil
Death Devil group image
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 1, Chapter 6
Anime Debut Season 1, Episode 5: Adviser!
Other Appearances
Movies K-ON! Movie
Members Sawako Yamanaka "Catherine" (Guitar, Vocals)
Norimi Kawaguchi "Christina" (Guitar, Chorus)
"Jane" (Drums)
"Della" (Bass)
Style Speed Metal

Death Devil is a speed metal band founded by four of the previous members of the Light Music Club at Sakuragaoka High School: Sawako Yamanaka, Norimi Kawaguchi, Jane and Della.


Sometime during their high school careers, Sawako, Norimi, Della and Jane joined their school's Light Music Club. Shortly afterwards, Sawako was rejected by the boy she fell in love with and she founded the speed metal band alongside her three friends to cause a change of her image. Over time, the band started to get serious, building up a huge fandom and an own guiding theme. Due to their image and rebellious behaviour, they often had troubles with their club's adviser, Horigome. After they graduated from school, the band's activities reached its climax.

Over the years, the band activities slowly decreased due to each member living her own life, but they still gather once in a while to play music together and also hold other activities, like visiting the Summer Festival once a year together.

Despite the fact that Sawako tries to hide her wild past in front of her students, she still cherishes her memories of her friends and the band and eventually could not resist the urge to protect the band's reputation.

Musical Profile


  • Sawako Yamanaka - Guitar, Main vocals
  • Norimi Kawaguchi - Guitar, Chorus
  • Della - Bass
  • Jane - Drums

According to Sawako, the role of the guitarist was always a topic to fight about. Because of that, the members switched roles once in a while.


Death Devil's musical style is speed metal, although their appearance and behaviour might give them the air of being a hard rock/heavy metal band.

During its earlier days, the band's members tried out every way possible to create new, creative appearances. A guiding theme of them is social criticism and the appeal to love and peace, similar to the Hippie-movement.

According to Sawako, Death Devil's true style is reached when the member's souls clash with each other during the performance.

Known Songs



  • For some reason, Yui Hirasawa is always the first to recognize Death Devil members from their photos upon meeting them in person.
  • The name and the logo of the band are probably inspired by those of the band Death Angel.
  • While there is implications that they're a death metal band, the actual genre they play is speed metal.

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