Chika Fujito

Chika Fujitō

Chika Fujitō is a Japanese voice actress who played as the role Nodoka Manabe in the Japanese version of the anime. She was born on July 16, 1985 in Akashi, Hyogo, Japan.


As the voice actress of Nodoka, she had several character songs:

  • Come With Me (Nodoka's version)
  • Prologue
  • Coolly Hotty Tension Hi!
  • Prologue (Instrumental)
  • Coolly Hotty Tension Hi! (Instrumental)

Other RolesEdit

  • Guilty Crown - Kyō (eps 4-6)
  • K-ON! The Movie - Nodoka Manabe
  • K-ON! - Nodoka Manabe
  • K-ON! Season 2 - Nodoka Manabe


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