• Chandraprawiraartha
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  • Chandraprawiraartha


    June 17, 2012 by Chandraprawiraartha

    in k-on characther iam like yui because she is so cute and funny girl in song don't say lazy mio is a vocalist, ritsu is a drums, yui guitar,and mugi chan is keyboard

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  • AuroraBorealis 24

    That is a really long title.. (But nevermind, let's move one~)

    I found out that Ho-Kago Tea Time actually reach rank 78 in the unofficial London Olympic 2012 Singer. So the plot if that, you vote for the favorite songer you would want to see in the opening of the ceremony, but then still.. it is unofficial..

    Hatsune Miku got in the first rank (If you do not know her, search in Vocaloid Wikia), second is Super Junior.

    A sort of surprise that Miku could the first rank when there are still a lot of talented artist above her, but since this Wikia is about K-ON, I won't talk much about it.

    but I would be really excited to see if Ho-Kago Tea Time to perform in there ^0^

    As a fan of Ho-Kago Tea Time club, let's vote and comment! (Who knows that this p…

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  • MidgetCookie

    May 6, 2012 by MidgetCookie

    Heya, just testing out the features here XD

    I wonder how many people use blog posts?

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  • WhirlWave

    Check it Out!

    April 29, 2012 by WhirlWave

    I would like to thank all the contruibutors who have helped prosper this wiki. A lot of great new changes has happened since I've first visited this wiki. I've updated K-ON's Wiki Home Page add added new features: Admin's Pick: Top 3 Featured Users and Poll: May's Featured Article. Congrats to Angel of Anarchy for being the top contruibuter of the wiki, 2nd place: AuroraBorealis 24, and 3rd place Cddmanful. Congrats to all and keep up the good work. I've add a new poll for the month of May's feautured article. Please vote for your favorite page. The poll will be up for the next 3 weeks then a new one will be updated.

    I am planning to request a Wiki Spotlight for K-ON! Wiki from Community Central. What's a Wiki Spotlight? They're these Wiki …

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  • Shojo-chan cat

    Hi, I'm new to the wikia,but i do enjoy K-on like everyone else! As you know k-on fandubs are getting popular and I joined in the fun,but,even though K-on fandubs are popular its rare to find an actual fandub episdoe. My conlcusion is that they didn't have enough people. I don't want this to happen to my fandub,so i came to the nearest K-on lovers I know. Please audition for.









    I'm Yui, if I broke any rules please tell me. Oh, and please have a youtube acount, Links here:

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  • AuroraBorealis 24

    K-ON Movie

    April 17, 2012 by AuroraBorealis 24

    I've heard that there is a K-ON movie. But I'm still not sure about the realease date, has it been released in the previous years or is it still in progress.

    A friend of mine says that it hadn't been released yet, but I'm not so sure about that. I've seen the trailer and also the summary, but is it already officially released?

    Sorry for asking dumb question, I'm sort of new to this fandom.

    Anyone who would comment on this dumb blog made by me, thank you so much, I appreciate your help in helping me to understand more about K-ON fandom.

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  • Yui245

    K-On! Season 2

    April 8, 2012 by Yui245

    Please help me find out more about K-On! :3 Especially Season 2.

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  • WhirlWave

    As many of you know that this wiki hasn't had any administrators for a very long time. Well, I myself requested to adopt the wiki, and the Wikia staff granted my request. This is acually my first time that I have to be a serious adminstrator, but I am struggling a bit. I need a team of four to help me prosper this wiki.

    I am willing to grant four people for anyone of these User Access Levels-

    • Administrator
    • Rollback
    • Chatmoderator
    • Bureaucrat

    But in order for me to grant this access level to you I must see you coming to the wiki at possible times to make as many good edits, watch out for vandalism, fix bad-faith edits, and warn rule breakers. I am also looking for good "sportmanship." Meaning I don't want to see anyone being hurt, helping each other …

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  • Yuuki fairytail

    List Song

    February 10, 2012 by Yuuki fairytail

    This page is about list song of K-ON! , you can add lyricsd, chord guitar and many more . This page can use to introduce welcome page to !. Because this is our page !

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  • Kate.moon

    K-On! Movie Trailer

    September 6, 2011 by Kate.moon

    The first official trailer for K-On! movie is out! Although the movie won't hit theaters until December 3rd, you can view the trailer right here! Fans can expect three new songs from our rock anime: the opening theme song "Ichiban Ippai," the theme song "Unmei♪wa♪Endless!," and the ending theme song "Singing".

    Watch the trailer below!


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  • Meersie

    In this article, I'm trying to summarize for myself (and you who reads it of course) the little knowledge and feelings I have about anime and K-ON!. So don't shoot me if I say something that's not entirely true, or I forget things you find equally important. Just let me know what's wrong or missing, I always want to know more of it.

    Anime has been around for a long time. Like the US has a McDonalds in every town and Vuvuzela's are associated with South-Africa, when you say anime you say Japan. But anime has taken over the hole world in the last couple of decades.

    Every kid around the world who has access to a television has once seen those beautifuly drawn figures with their big colorfull eyes and massive hairstyles. But what does anime mean …

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