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For the instrumental version of this song, see Aozora no Monologue (Instrumental).
Aozora no Monologue
K-ON!! Character Image Songs Mio
English Name Blue Sky Monologue
Album K-ON!! Character Image Songs: Mio Akiyama
Performed By Mio Akiyama
Singer Mio Akiyama (Yōko Hikasa)
Release September 21, 2010
Genre J-Pop, Anime Song
Language Japanese
Label Pony Canyon
Previous Seishun Vibration
Next Come with Me!! (Mio Ver.)

Aozora no Monologue (蒼空のモノローグ(あおぞら の ものろぐ)) or Blue Sky Monologue is a "Character Image Song" performed by Mio Akiyama, produced by Pony Canyon and published on 21 September 2010 within Mio's Character Image Songs album.

The song was sung by Mio's voice actress Yōko Hikasa, written by Shouko Oomori, composed by Hiroyuki Maezawa and arranged by Shigeo Komori.


Aozora no Monologue

Japanese Lyrics

紅く蒼く染まってく空 教室にひとりきり
閉じる読み終えた小説(ストーリー) 憧れにふるえる胸

教科書で重たい鞄 日々が詰まった携帯電話(けいたい)
これが今の私自身のようで そうじゃないようで

「いつかはなれるのかな 夢に見た素敵な女性(ひと)」
恥ずかしいから いつだってね ひとりごとでしか言えない

光る遙かな一番星 足早に帰り道
だけど本当は帰れない 知ってる、未来へ行くだけ

「どこかで逢えるのかな 夢に見た素敵な恋人(ひと)」
大事だから ちいさくね ひとりごとでしか言えない
でもきっと いつか絶対 かなえたい夢

蒼く蒼く暮れてく空 この地球(ほし)にひとつきり
続いてく私の物語(ストーリー) 勇気にふるえた胸


akaku aoku somatteku sora kyoushitsu ni hitorikiri
tojiru yomi oeta sutoorii akogare ni furueru mune

kyoukasho de omotai kaban hibi ga tsumatta keitai
kore ga ima no watashi jishin no you de sou janai you de

"itsuka wa nareru no kana yume ni mita suteki na hito"
hazukashii kara itsudatte ne hitorigoto de shika ienai

hikaru haruka na ichiban hoshi ashibaya ni kaerimichi
dakedo hontou wa kaerenai shitteru, mirai e yuku dake

"dokoka de aeru no ka na yume ni mita suteki na hito"
daiji dakara chiisaku ne hitorigoto de shika ienai
demo kitto itsuka zettai kanaetai yume

aoku aoku kureteku sora kono hoshi ni hitotsukiri
tsuduiteku watashi no sutootii yuuki ni furueta mune

English Translation

Under the sky dyed red and blue, I'm all alone in the classroom
Closing the novel I finished, there's a yearning, quivering in my chest

Each day, I carry textbooks in my heavy schoolbag and my cell phone is plugged with messages
This is the way I seem right now, but I'm not really this way

"I wonder if I can become her someday...the lovely girl of my dreams."
But because I'm too shy, I can only speak through monologues

Shining somewhere far away is my number one star, so I quickly take the road home
But I soon understand that I can't return; I can only head towards the future

"I wonder if I'll meet him somewhere...the lover of my dreams."
It's important, though very small; I can only speak through monologues
But someday, my dream will absolutely, most definitely come true

Under the blue, blue evening sky, I have just one thing for the world
With my heart filled with courage, my story will last forever

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